FVPSA Performance Progress Report (PPR) for States and Tribes

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For assistance with accessing OLDC, please contact your FVPSA Project Officer


Webinar Training: Introduction to Updated FVPSA PPR (May 2018)

FVPSA state and tribal grantees are required to submit an annual Performance Progress Report (PPR) into the Online Data Collection Center (OLDC). The PPR was revised in March 2018. The FVPSA Office offered an online training to provide an overview of the new and revised data elements in May 2018. This webinar was recorded.

  • PPR Webinar Recording 
    • The slideshow is best viewed in Google Chrome.

    • Once you download and open the webinar file, the sideshow should automatically begin. 

    • If the file prompts that a password is required to edit, click on “read only.”  Then use the menu bar to start the slideshow from the beginning. 

    • Note that the recorded webinar displays as a PowerPoint Slideshow with audio narration for each slide.  You will have to manually change each slide when the narration is through by clicking the enter key or using the navigation buttons in the bottom left corner of the screen.  

Webinar Training: Collecting LGBTQ Data for the FVPSA PPR (September 2018)

The updated Program Performance Report (PPR) includes data on the “number of program participants self-identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ)”. During this webinar, the National LGBTQ Institute on IPV present a rationale for sexual orientation / gender identity (SO/GI) data collection, flag potential challenges for local programs, highlight recommendations and layout upcoming TTA Opportunities on SO/GI data collection and increasing LGBTQ access for anti-violence programs.

Webinar Training: Entering PPR Data into OLDC (November 2018)

Watch this 16 minute training to learn how to log into OLDC, enter your data, submit and print out your PPR.

Coalition GRANTEES

FVPSA Performance Progress Report (PPR) for Coalitions

Webinar Training: Introduction to OLDC for State Domestic Violence Coalition Grantees (October 2015)

This webinar is for State Domestic Violence Coalitions and covers aspects of the new Performance Progress Report (PPR) that is due December 29 and will be submitted via the Online Data Collection System (OLDC).  This webinar shows how to input the data into OLDC and answers some questions about the data collection. 

 For assistance with accessing OLDC, please contact your FVPSA Project Officer